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Applied Energetics, Inc. is recognized as a global leader in developing the next generation ultrashort pulse (USP) optical sources exhibiting ever-increasing output energy, peak power and frequency agility while also providing decreased size, weight, and cost of these systems for customers. The AERG scientific team is in the process of expanding its patent portfolio to cover these technological breakthroughs to further enhance its suite of solutions for threat disruption for the Department of Defense, the intelligence community, and for commercial, medical, space and national intelligence applications with USP optical sources operating from the deep ultraviolet to the far infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Applied Energetics holds 26 current patents and an additional 11 Government Sensitive Patent Applications (“GSPA”). These GSPA’s are held under secrecy orders of the US government and allow the company greatly extended protection rights.  The company was founded in 2002 and is based in Tucson, Arizona.

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