Investor Relations

Applied Energetics Corporate FAQs

When was Applied Energetics (AE) founded and where is the company incorporated?
AE was founded in 2002 in Tucson, Arizona, as Ionatron, and is incorporated in Delaware.
Where is AE’s corporate headquarters?
UA Tech Park, 9070 S. Rita Road, Suite 1500, Tucson, Arizona 85747
When did AE go public?
In March 2004, the company via a reverse merger became listed as Ionatron with ticker symbol IOTN. Ionatron then up listed to NASDAQ.
When did Ionatron change its name?
In February of 2008, Ionatron would change its name to Applied Energetics (AE), ticker AERG, to reflect its business activities more accurately.
When does the company’s fiscal year end?
AE’s fiscal year end is December 31.
Who is the transfer agent for Applied Energetics?
You may contact Applied Energetics’ transfer agent at the contact information below:  
Continental Transfer & Trust Co.
1 State St 30th floor, New York, NY 10004
(212) 509-4000
Does AE have a direct stock purchase plan?
AE does not currently have a direct purchase plan.
Who is AE’s auditor?
RBSM LLP, New York, New York
Who is AE’s legal counsel?
AE’s General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer is Ms. Mary O’Hara.
Does the company have patents and trademarks?
The company currently has (2) trademarks, (26) corporate patents and an additional (11) Government Sensitive Patent Applications (“GSPA”). These GSPA’s are held under secrecy orders of the US government and allow the company greatly extended protection rights.
How can I view documents that AE has filed with the Securities& Exchange Commission (SEC), including Forms 10-K and 10-Q?
Quarterly and annual reports, as well as other SEC filings, can be accessed in the “SEC Filings” section of the company’s Investor Relations website or directly from the SEC at
How do I contact Applied Energetics' investor relations?
Our Investor Relations team can be reached at:
Cameron Associates
Kevin McGrath
(646) 418-7002